The Games(All Gloss's POV)Edit

I look around and see my allies and give the other tributes my dirty look.!!! I run to the cornucopia.I grab a backpack and a dagger.The boy from 3 confronts me.I knock him out with my backpack and stab him reaptedly with my dagger.I grab the girl from 6 and slash her neck.The boy from 11,Flail,jumped on me.I stab him.The next moment I see the bloodbath is over.

Day 1 FallenEdit

I only hear 6 cannons.I see the boy from 3 and the girl from 3 show up first.Then the girl from 6.Then the girl from 8.The boys from 11 and 12 light up the sky.6 deaths not that many.

Day 2Edit

I take a drink of water.Everyone is sitting down.All of the sudden the boy from 4 betrays us.He attacks the Zoe,the girl from 2.Dean the guy from 2 pulls him off and kicks him in the stomache.I try to chuck my dagger at the boy from 4 but it hits Dean in the back.Boom.The guy from 4 runs off.The girls from 2 and 4 attack me.I manage to injure them and get out of there.As I'm running I here a Boom.

Day 2 FallenEdit

I see Dean and Zoe up in the sky.In the sky great the Careers hate me now.

Day 3Edit

I allie with the kids from 5 and they show me how to make a trap.I set the trap and wait.That day I got the girl from 12 and Ollie,the guy from 6.I ate a peach while the others where sleeping.I see the girl from 4 kill them in there sleep.I grab a dagger and throw it at her.Boom.Boom.Boom.

Day 3 FallenEdit

The girl from 4.Sky from 5 and the guy from 5.

Day 4Edit

A flood runs throughout the arena.I hear several booms then everything goes black.I wake up and Ela,my district partner lying right next to me.I get up and wake her up.And then I see the guy from 4 charging at Ela.I push him over.Charlie,the guy from 7 chucked an axe Ela.Boom.I throw my dagger at him.Boom.The boy from 8 attacked me.I throw him onto the boy from 4.A trident goes through the guy from 8.Boom.The guy from 4 tried to spear me to.I chuck my dagger at him.Boom.A knife get slunged into my arm.I turn around and slit Sam's throat,the guy from 8.Boom.A voice came up ladies and gentlemen may I present to you the winner of this years hunger games Gloss from District 1!!!!