Koc is a tribute I made up from District 5.He won the 25th Hunger games then mentored Kohl a male who won the 26th hunger games.Kohl died in the 75th hunger games.


The tributes names will be annouced as the games go.

Boys Girls
D1 D1
D2 Zane D2

The GamesEdit

I rise up the podium.I look at the other 23 tributes,!!! I run to the cornucopia.Steve,the guy from 8 ran past me.I grab Steve and slam his head against the cornucopia.I grab a backpack and run for it.The guy from 2,Zane attacks me.I hit him with my backpack.It kills him.I look in my backpack theres armor.Nothing else just armor.I run back to the cornucopia.Jonah,the guy from 7 jumps on the boy from 3.Hits him with his axe 3 times.I try to avoid him.I grab anotherbackpack it has armor in it.Jason,the guy from 6 finds the legging part of the armor.I jump on him and stab him repeatedly.I run away and put my armor on.I come back out to take the stuff from the cornucopia.I know all the backpacks have armor in them.So I grab 3 water bottles and a pack of apples.I run into the girl from 8.She hits me with the sord I slash her neck.I decide to camp out for the night.I hear 8 cannons.

Day 1 FallenEdit

D8:Steve D9:Male D2:Zane D3:Male D3:Female D4:Male D6:Jason D8:Female

Day 2Edit