The 10th Hunger GamesEdit

Mags Grace from District Four was 15 years old when she was reaped. This is the story of her in the Hunger Games.

Males Females
1 James Dew Boa Slate
2 Eric Chrundabell Marsha Chrundabell
3 Timothy Cooke Ashley "Ash" Roberson
4 Havelock Oaks Mags Grace
5 Gideon Freighter Jessica Lee
6 Paul Netter Sandra Price
7 Harris Coleman Adrienne Indus
8 Travis Potts Avery Washington
9 Reese Shipp Jane Portal
10 Temple Stoner Laura Lakes
11 David Welch Victoria Keys
12 Kevin Smith Ellen Barter

Info about the Reaping, Train Ride, Chariots, Training, Private Session with Gamemakers, and InterviewsEdit

At her reaping, she volunteered for her older sister, Lila, who had a broken leg. She had a brother named Lars who died in a previous Games, and is worried about her situation. Her younger twin brothers, Oliver and Samson, gave her a pin with a fish on it that she kept close to her this entire journey. On the train ride, she and her arrogant District partner with many admirers, Havelock, didn't talk much, and were only brought togeher when their mentor told them to. Their mentor suggested that they stay away from the Careers. During the parade, they received little attention as they were dressed as fishermen. At training, she didn't tran with the Careers. Instead, she trained alone. On her private session, she threw knives, but she was better at close range, so she received only a 6. Finally, at the interviews, she talked about her brother, and received lots of sympathy from the audience.

The 10th Hunger GamesEdit

Day 1Edit

Mags's POVEdit

Thirty seconds left. I'm standing next to Temple from 10, and Jessica from 5. I look over at Havelock, the boy who thinks he's so "hot" and stuff. Out of all people, why was he my District partner? Marsha looks at everyone, and throws her token at someone. It flies through the air, and Eric grabs it before it hits James's plate. Nice move, almost killing your ally. The time ticks down, and we're off. I panic, and want to run to the Cornucopia and run away from it at the same time. Marsha grabs a club, and hits Temple in the chest with it, and bludgeons him, until he finally dies. I run in to grab some food, when James runs after me with a knife in his hands, and he barely misses me. I could see Jane getting some fireproof gloves, or something, and she threw a fireball at Adrienne, who then fainted and was finished off by Reese.

Havelock's POVEdit

Those twits from 9 are running off, and I think I can kill them both. I hit Reese in the back with a trident, and he's surely dead. Boa grabs Ellen and with one sword in the throat, she's already gone. I run over to David, and a send a trident through his skull. Eric kills Laura with a knife in the head, and the bloobath's almost finished. The boy from Three and the girl from Eight are fighting, and Boa shoots an arrow at Timothy's head, and James runs to Avery and chokes her to death.

Placing Name and District
24th Temple Stoner: 10
23rd Adrienne Indus: 7
22nd Reese Shipp: 9
21st Ellen Barter: 12
20th David Welch: 11
19th Laura Lakes: 10
18th Timothy Coole: 3
17th Avery Washington: 8
Victor Wonder who.